The benefits of walking to work — whilst working from home!

3 min readOct 6, 2020


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Yep, you read that right. That part of your day you’ve actively enjoyed not doing, could actually be the most important part. We’re not saying to go as far as topping-up the old oyster card or practising tourist tutting, no, definitely no need for any of that! However, a quick walk around the block can work wonders for the rest of your day.

Mood Booster 🚀

A walk is a great way to get your mind right and focus your intentions for the day ahead — well the first half at the very least! A study by the American Psychological Association found that “…usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.”

And better yet, the effects of physical activity extend beyond the short-term and can help alleviate long-term depression.

If you’ve been struggling with the recent change in seasons, and your mental state makes it hard to keep up your exercise habits, walking may feel way more approachable.

It IS Excercise 😅

Right, let’s get this straight, anyone who says walking isn’t an exercise doesn’t know anything. There’s a reason why it’s an Olympic Sport! Even the folks over at Runners World have conceded that walking is equally as beneficial as running. And the best thing is that walking is not only low impact, but it also doesn’t require learning any new skills, costs nothing and it can be done anywhere.

The number of calories you’ll burn really depends on how fast and far you walk. As an example, someone who weighs 80kg and walks for 30mins will burn around 150 calories. Check out this nifty calculator to find out your own results.

In addition to reducing your waistline, walking also helps to strengthen your joints and surrounding muscles. The activity promotes the release of Synovial fluid which keeps joints nicely lubricated and future-proofed.

Crush Creative Blocks 🤔

Feeling stuck? Need a fresh perspective? Well, researchers at Stanford University have found that walking boost’s creativity by an average of 60%.

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” And Thomas Jefferson said, “Walking is the best possible exercise.”

So don’t just take it from us — these guys definitely knew what they were talking about.

Fresh Air 🌳

…and especially cold air.

When its cold, the body seeks to maintain its internal temperature at a constant level of about 37°C, by increasing the flow of blood. The heart will therefore pump more quickly and become stronger.

Not to mention, a cold gust of wind wrapping its self around your face is the ultimate wake up call!

Get Dressed 👚 👕

It’s okay. There are no secrets here. We’ve all done it. We’re not saying the odd work-from-home-pants-day isn’t okay, but honestly, the top-half-only zoom call outfit is getting a bit obvious.

Ask any well seasoned remote worker and they’ll tell you that getting dressed for work is key to their success. It’s been proven to boost self-esteem and motivation.

Unless you’re into dressing-gown-chic, a morning walk immediately gives you a great reason to get dressed and ready for the day!


Walking will make you happier, healthier and more creative. It’ll give you the kick you need to smash any creative blocks and the focus you need to start the day. The cold air will wake you up — and if all the above fails, at least you’ll be forced to put on some clothes!

So, with all that in mind, give it a try and we promise you’ll be taking your work from home game to the next level 💯📈

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